Hardeeville animal rescue helps hoarded dogs

Hardeeville animal rescue helps hoarded dogs

HARDEEVILLE, S.C. (WTOC) - An animal hoarding situation in Kershaw County, S.C. got a little better when a Lowcountry man stepped in to help.

A layer of trash and animal feces covered the floor these animals were kept in. Animal rescuers say the homeowner was an elderly woman, who couldn't keep up with the 25 dogs living on her property.

Now, these animals are getting a second chance at finding a good home.

When the elderly woman was told she had to solve her hoarding situation, she reached out to animal lovers for help.

"She did give us the date and time, which was yesterday, to be there at 10 o'clock. So, I lined up transport, and we lined up everything, and we were the only ones that showed,” the owner of Lovable Paws Rescue, Steve Allen, said.

And the rescuers got to work sorting through the house, looking for dogs.

Once all 25 dogs were loaded up into groups, they were taken to Lovable Paws Rescue in Hardeeville.

For now, Allen is keeping the dogs in his antique warehouse next to Lovable Paws Rescue just until they're confirmed healthy.

"Quite frankly, we don't have the room next door for all of the dogs to go into, so this was the next best thing to get them out of harm’s way and get them safe and warm and fed... in my business,” Allen said.

The Hilton Head Humane Association stepped in to help with the load.

"He called us this morning, so Brittany and I came out to see how many we could pull to lighten his load,” HHI Humane Executive Director Franny Gerthoffer said.

Over a dozen dogs were transferred Thursday morning.

Since Allen posted online Wednesday night, volunteers have already come out to help.

"I thought it was amazing they were able to bring all the dogs in and start caring for them... so I brought in a bin of towels and sheets for them to use to help care for the dogs as well as a bag of food to help out,” volunteer Brianna Sapienza said.

And they're hoping as soon as the dogs are considered healthy, they'll find a safe new home.

As soon as the dogs are cleared of any health issues, they’ll be up for adoption at either Loveable Paws Rescue or the Hilton Head Humane Association.

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