Savannah company sewing pouches to help animals affected by Australian wildfires

Savannah company sewing pouches to help animals effected by Australian wildfires

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As the wildfires in Austrailia continue, some are taking in the animals who are in need. For those who can’t, they are finding other ways to help the bats, kangaroos, birds and more.

In Savannah, some are even stepping up to help. Lovelane Designs is a local business that couldn’t sit by and watch. They knew they needed to get involved, so they got their hands busy and are enlisting help.

They are working on simple sewing projects that take about 10 to 15 minutes making joey and bat pouches. These pouches will be sent to a hub and then distributed to animal rescues where they will be used to help bats and joeys displaced from the Australian bushfire.

Lovelane designs owner Lane Huerta says she was inspired to help after watching the images coming out of Austrailia with her daughter. They wanted to help and found patterns for the pouches and knew this was something they could do. Lane then put out a call on Facebook and others quickly joined to help.

"It really breaks your heart they are so helpless in a way,” said Lane Huerta, owner of Lovelane Designs. “And when we found the downloadable patterns it made us realize that in a tangible way we could do something that could physically help."

More than 30 people met to sew the pouches for bats and joeys, even kids. Lane had several friends and businesses donate sewing machines, material and time to facilitate a space where so many could create and help. They made several of the pouches and even heartfelt cards to be send with the materials.

For the business owner it was not only a way to help Australia, but teach our children, and build community.

"I feel like we really can help,” Huerta said. “I think it's so special to see our children begin to understand that we need to care for our environment and care for others who might be in need whether it's an animal or your neighbor."

It's not too late for you to get involved.

Lovelane Designs will be sending out their materials on Wednesday so they invite you to make your own pouches. They have a list of what is needed and how to make them here.

Finished pouches can be dropped off at 25 E 40Th Street in Savannah, GA from 9-5 Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

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