McIntosh County School District considers changing dress code

McIntosh County School District considers changing dress code

MCINTOSH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Could uniforms disappear at McIntosh County Schools? District leaders put out a survey to gather community input.

Currently, every student wears a uniform, except pre-kindergarten.

According to the dress code policy: "Solid khaki or black pants, skirts, jumpers with approved tops, uniform dresses with sleeves, skorts, and shorts are allowed.” Solid red, black, or white shirts are allowed in polo style shirts, buttoned down dress shirts/blouses and spirit t-shirts/sweat shirts.

Superintendent Jim Pulos said the survey comes after some concerns were raised about the pros and cons of the current uniform policy.

The survey gives parents different options:

  1. Uniform policy for Grades K-8 with dress code for high school students
  2. Uniform policy for Grades K-5 with dress code for middle and high school students
  3. Dress code policy for all grade levels/No uniforms

“There are so many different options that can come from this, but part of it is to at least have the data and have the ability for the school board to be informed of what the stakeholders would like to see happen," said Pulos.

Parents have until January 17 to fill out the survey.

According to Pulos, the data will be presented to the school board who will make the final decision.

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