Tour Hinesville’s Bacon Fraser House

Tour Hinesville’s Bacon Fraser House

HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - Searching for your next Saturday afternoon destination? There’s one in Hinesville for you to visit.

The Bacon Fraser House is one of the oldest homes in historic downtown Hinesville. It’s located on East Court Street and was built back in 1839.

Now a historical landmark - ancient oaks and centuries-old Camellias dot the property that is now home to the Liberty County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The property is easy to access and free to visitors.

“The Bacon Fraser is one of the oldest homes in the downtown district of Hinesville," said Catie Lamberth, Liberty County Convention & Visitors Bureau. "A lot of our plants are actually heirloom plants. They’ve been here as long as the house has been here so you’re looking at 200-year-old camellias. The oak trees with the Spanish moss and we have a huge sycamore tree here in the back yard that has been here as well. The is no cost to come and visit us here at the Bacon Frasier. We’re always happy to have guests. We can give you a tour of the grounds. Give you a tour of the house. We are open Monday through Friday; 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. We do recommend giving a call just because sometimes we’re all super busy and not able to be here - just to make sure that we have someone here.”

The property is dotted with those centuries-old, tried-and-true winter garden favorites.

“We have colors ranging from pure white all the way to a Crimson Red; we’ve got light pink, we’ve got hot pink, dark red, all sorts of different colors. We actually have some that are white and pink on the same petals.”

The beauty wasn't on accident. More than 150 years of love and care have made the historical property what it is today.

“The family was very particular about making sure whoever moved in here didn’t just rip all the plants and everything up so we try to make sure we take care of it as best as we can.”

In addition to plants, grasses and trees – birds that visit the landmark are kept in tip-top shape.

“We have a lot of wild birds that come and visit the property and, so, we put bird feed out and make sure they stick around and all that stuff. We have a lot of history here in Liberty County. I feel like we get passed up a lot between Savannah and Brunswick on I-95. We are located off of I-95. Not only do we have a beautiful property here at the welcome center for visitors to see, but we have lots more information. You can get that information inside when you come and visit with us.”

If you would like to visit, admission is free. Call (912) 368-4445 before visiting.

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