GSU hopes to introduce a new music program

GSU hopes to introduce a new music program

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A new major could be headed to Savannah.

As the music industry evolves, so too are the jobs and opportunities. Georgia Southern University wants to capitalize on that by adding a new degree program in Music Industry at their Armstrong Campus.

Right now Georgia Southern University’s music program focuses on education, performance and composition.

“We want to prepare the 21st century musician for the jobs that are out there so that they can do a wide variety of things whether it’s in the sort of business of music doing marketing, or management, or entrepreneurship, starting their own business, or if it’s in technology working in studios or live sound reinforcement,” said Dr. Stephen Primatic, Professor of Music.

They began looking at adding Music Industry a few years ago, doing research and crafting the four year degree. It still has to be officially approved by the university leaders and the accreditation body, but they hope to begin classes next fall. Professors believe this program will be a hit, boosting enrollment. And they feel Savannah is the perfect place.

“Considering all of the music and art that happens in Savannah it seems like a no brainer for us having the community support and outlets for students, whether doing internships or performing is a great resource,” he said.

Some students already in the music program say they are considering changing their major because of all of the opportunities this creates.

“I think if I show up to a recording studio with a music industry degree that it would be a lot easier to go there with any sort of other degree out there right now,” said Sophomore student Benjamin Byler.

If approved, Music Industry would fall under the the current Bachelor of Arts music degree as a four year program.

While the program won’t have a final vote for approval until late spring, a meeting is set before the College Curriculum Committee on Tuesday.

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