GSU professor discusses impact of Iran tensions

Georgia Southern University's Armstrong Campus analyzing what's next with Iran

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As talks become more and more about the protests in Iran, tensions with the US still linger.

International affairs are something professors at Georgia Southern University's Armstrong Campus are paying attention too. They say the matters in Iran can impact us locally. They say what happens next with Iran can affect our military, both locally and nationally, our economy such as gas prices and the stock market and more.

While focus right now is on the protests in Iran, experts say Iranian leaders have dealt with these large incidents before. Some experts in international affairs feel the US needs to be vigilant as what happens next is unpredictable.

Jose Da Cruz is a professor at Georgia Southern University’s Armstrong Campus and says there are many ways the US can respond at this time from a blockade, to invasion and more. But, ultimately he feels the best thing is for tempers to cool and meet back at the table to talk.

“You know war is not an option. “It’s always an option, but this is not one that we want to undertake right now given all the other conflicts that we’re involved,” explained Jose da Cruz, Professor of Political Science & International Relations at GSU Armstrong. “So that is something that I think we should do as a nation you know regardless of political affiliation, of ideology is just sit back and say can we get to the table.”

Da Cruz says Iran’s plan moving forward is still unknown at this time.

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