New businesses coming to Hwy. 144 in Richmond Hill

New businesses coming to Hwy, 144 in Richmond Hill

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - New developments are coming to the city of Richmond Hill. Two new businesses will sit right on Highway 144.

When you think of the city of Richmond Hill, the thought never includes a downtown element.

“We don’t have a downtown the creation of a downtown is not an easy thing that happens overnight,” said Assistant City Manager Scott Allison.

Which is why Allison says the new Waffle House and Express Oil Change and Car Repair will be a great asset to the sightings on 144.

He says the city is trying to create a sense of place for Richmond Hill and the residents and visitors.

If you’re looking at this future oil change facility from a different angle from Highway 144, you might think there’s not much to see. But as you get closer you realize that the base here is already forming.

Allison explains why the city chose an oil change facility.

“The market drives the need so when we did our surveys for the types of desire, needs and wants of the residents, the visitors I wouldn’t necessarily say an oil change establishment was number one on the list. Obviously they feel like there was a gap and that they will be successful or else they wouldn’t be spending the amount of money that they are to build on the site," he said.

Allison says Ford Avenue is the heart and the center of the city and he says they are trying to create more of a downtown feel.

As for the Waffle House, the chain came to the city for approval or architecture and signage, but ultimately it’s all about which businesses will do well in the city.

“The city and government doesn’t decide what comes, the market drives that. What we can do is we dictate what it looks like, that way it stands the test of time the business may change over the years but something else could move in and the architecture is in place and fits in with our city and what we want,” Allison said.

Allison says though they are soliciting other businesses and restaurants that are a high demand by residents to come to the city, he says they are still trying to promote the local establishments as well.

Both projects are expected to be done sometime this year.

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