Train speeds changing in downtown Lyons

Train speeds changing in downtown Lyons

LYONS, Ga. (WTOC) - About once or twice a day a train passes through downtown Lyons. With some new updates, the train will be increasing it’s speed.

Now that track conditions have been fixed in some areas, the train that goes through downtown Lyons will be traveling at 25 mph. Nearly 15 mph faster that it was originally.

Georgia Central Railroad says there used to be a 10 mph speed restriction for the train going through downtown Lyons. The speed restrictions are now lifted and the trains are allowed to go faster.

Because of this, it makes it a lot harder for trains to come to a stop, so police are warning people to be extra cautious when they’re shopping or attending events downtown.

“Any time they cross the railroad that it’s clear to do so, look both ways, stop and listen for a second, don’t try to go around the arms when they’re down, don’t stop on top of the railroad tracks, don’t walk on the railroad tracks and don’t sit on the railroad tracks,” said Chief Wesley Walker.

The trains don’t run at a fixed time, so it’s always important to stay alert, whether you’re driving over the tracks or walking over them.

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