Jury finds both defendants guilty of murder in Shawntray Grant trial

Jury finds both defendants guilty of murder in Shawntray Grant trial

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Testimony wrapped up in the murder trial for three people, two tied to the June 2018 murder of a community activist outspoken against gun violence - Shawntray Grant.

Grant also known as "Puff" was a loud voice against violence in the community. He was often seen with a bull horn protesting - calling for an end to gun violence in Savannah. Some also knew him as a mentor to many young men whose fathers were not in their lives.

Wesnesday afternoon a jury heard the closing arguments from the state and the three defense attorneys as both sides tried to win over the jurors.

Nelaunte Grant, no relation to the victim, and Osha Dunham are both charged with Shawntray Grant’s murder.

Wednesday night the jury found both Nelaunte Grant and Osha Dunham guilty on all counts. Dunham was found guilty of both felony and malice murder. Grant also found guilty of felony murder.

A third defendant, Donnell Richardson Jr., who was charged with aggravated assault and other related counts, but not murder, was found not guilty on all of his charges.

The difference between felony murder and murder is the absence of intent to kill. What is required for felony murder is for the death to happen while committing a felony. Both carry a penalty of life in prison.

It took the jury three hours to reach these decisions.

The prosecution claims Nelaunte Grant was with Shawntray and several others the night of a gambling trip down in Brunswick where Shawntray Grant won around $12,000.

The State maintains Nelaunte communicated with Osha Dunham, setting Shawntray Grant up to be robbed when they got to an apartment complex off Randolph Street.

Shawntray Grant was shot eight times, his money and gun taken. Grant’s gun was later tied through ballistics to several other shootings around Savannah in the following weeks.

“Shooting up streets, shooting up apartments, shooting up cars, shooting people, murdering people, a destructive force is what Osha Dunham is," said Assistant District Attorney Brad Thompson. "And that’s clear. But even with the overwhelming evidence against Osha Dunham, what should not be lost ladies and gentlemen, is the actions of these two people. This woman right here, Nelaunte Grant, set this entire thing in motion.”

“What they have is, they have circumstantial evidence based on their argument that he took that gun, therefore he must’ve committed all these other crimes," said Richard Darden, Durham’s attorney. "That’s the evidence they have.”

“That is the stuff of a good crime novel, good crime fiction," said Tom Bateski, Grant’s attorney. "I mean his dialogue was pretty good, it never happened, but his dialogue was good for a crime novel.”

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