New life coming back to the former Blocker’s building

Property owner releases information about what will call the historic location home

New life coming back to the former Blocker’s building

SPRINGFIELD, Ga. (WTOC) - The former Blocker’s fried chicken property in Springfield was purchased back in 2016.

In 2018, WTOC spoke with the owner about her plans for it, at the time she couldn’t say, but now she can.

The food from Blocker’s was unforgettable, and it appears the building that housed it is, too.

Memories the new property owner Rebecca Tebeau is hoping to recreate.

“There was a charm to Blocker’s,” said Tebeau, “but we want to bring it into 2020.”

Although some things will be changing.

“It will not have fried foods,” Tebeau says.

But, she hopes many things will be just like you remembered them.

“We’re hoping to bring that same hospitality into what we’re doing today.”

Hospitality won’t be the only thing you recognize from the old Blocker’s.

In fact, much of the new building will include wood from the original, something that drew Tebeau to the property and she believes will bring others there too.

“My interest was the history of it, and I didn’t want to lose one of the charms that’s in this city. I want to see Springfield build back up in the downtown area.”

A notion that lifetime resident of Springfield, Richie Burns, can certainly get behind.

“Another eating place or a shopping place anything to bring people into Springfield.”

As well as Lynette Bragg, who also calls Springfield home.

“We need excitement in the town, we need different variety and things going on to build community.”

As for what the property will be used for, Tebeau says it’s going to be a restaurant, but that’s all she’ll say about it for now.

While the menu may be a mystery there is one thing, she says you can expect.

“I want it to be a place that when someone travels through and when they come back they get home and they say, you know that was a great place in Springfield, that was a cute little town I want to go back there one day.”

Tebeau still doesn’t have a firm opening date for the restaurant but is hoping doors will be open by the end of summer or early fall.

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