Over two dozen indicted on drug, gang charges in Toombs County

Over two dozen indicted on drug, gang charges in Toombs County

TOOMBS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - More than 20 people face drug and conspiracy charges as part of what prosecutors call a major gang.

Federal prosecutors estimate this case has included millions of dollars’ worth of drugs, dozens of stolen guns, shootings, and more.

Federal prosecutors joined FBI, GBI, and local law enforcement to announce the indictment of 26 people in what they labeled “Operation Ace in the Hole.” They outlined the arrests of 26 people they say were involved in a hub of drug and gang activity for the Gangster Disciples that stretched across the state of Georgia.

Toombs County Sheriff Alvie Kight was part of the two year investigation. They searched apartments and homes they suspected as "stash houses". They say this case started from neighbor complaints about crime and danger.

“When they send up a flare, we're going to respond. We're going to protect their interests. We're going to clean their neighborhoods and we're going to return to them a sense of civility on their left and on their right,” Southern District of Georgia U.S. Attorney Bobby Christine said.

Many of these defendants will also be facing state charges as well.

They also said this indictment was the first of what they believe will be more to come.

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