Candler Co. schools give update on their new security systems

Candler Co. schools give update on their new security systems

CANDLER COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - More and more school districts look for ways to keep children safe on campus. Some have tried systems where staff can call for help or lockdown the school with a push of a button.

Candler County Schools added the system back in the Fall. School leaders say it hasn’t failed them. But they’ve had issues they’ve tried to fix along the way.

Students at Metter High know where to go and what to do if beacons placed in the school start flashing. The Centegix system gives faculty and staff an ID card with an alert button. It transmits instantly to the front office, even to law enforcement depending on the code pressed.

“There’s the alert that comes up, we can see I did it at the high school, it pulls up a map of the school,” said Technology Director Allen Lanier.

It helps pinpoint where the person pressed it to get help on the way - for anything from a fistfight or medical emergency to the worst case, a shooter opening fire. But school leaders say they’ve had only minor issues.

“There was something that happened at the other school. It went off over here too, but it didn’t go off everywhere,” said Principal Ellis Strobridge.

He says he hasn’t matched up with their intercom system like they hoped, mainly due to its age. They say some of their issues have been user error.

“We had an administrator who picked up something, didn’t realize they’d pressed the button eight times. It set off a lockdown,” said School Resource Officer Dep. Miguel Aviles.

But they’ve used even “false alarms” as drills to be ready in case something bigger does ever happen.

School leaders say they like how it helps them respond to most situations. They just hope they never have the kind of catastrophe where they need everything it does.

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