Fort Stewart’s 911 center gets an upgrade

Fort Stewart’s 911 center gets an upgrade

HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - Fort Stewart’s 911 center has made changes to keep its community safe.

Fort Stewart’s 911 center stays busy with emergency calls from post, Hunter Army Airfield, even surrounding communities.

“We regularly talk with them and help each other through whatever’s necessary,” said Operations Manager Ben Collins.

After recent upgrades, Ben Collins, says the center can now better serve the community. The center just launched it’s text-to-911 service, where cell phone users can text dispatch their emergency.

“Call if you can. Text if you can’t. A voice call is always best.”

Another big upgrade - Rapid SOS. This system allows dispatchers to accurately pinpoint a caller. One dispatcher says the system is better than the previous tracking system. First responders can now get to the emergency faster than before.

“Sometimes it’d track to just a tower or sometimes four streets over, in the general area, but it gives a radius so they could be anywhere,” said dispatcher Stephanie Higginbotham.

The center also switched to a computer-aided dispatch, which can help if a 911 server were ever to go down in the state.

“The server here would continue to support them and vice versa for us to them.”

It’s no secret that working in a 911 center can be a stressful job. That’s why, here at Fort Stewart, they’ve added a Critical Incident Stress Management Room. It’s stocked with brochures and books to stay proactive about their employees’ mental health.

“To my knowledge, we’re the first army installation that has it,” said Collins.

Collins says the upgrades don’t stop here. There are plans for more in the future.

The improvements were around $1-million - paid for by the Army through Installation Management Command.

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