Judge rules in favor of electric go-kart track on Hilton Head Island

Judge rules in favor of electric go-kart track on Hilton Head Island

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - A judge has made a ruling on a Hilton Head court case that has been in the work for months.

A judge ruled in favor of ZipLine Hilton Head’s authority to build an electric go-kart track on their property.

“Human enjoyment is a sound that we all enjoy so I think it’s hard to argue and say that’s a detrimental thing to this island,” said ZipLine Hilton Head Vice President Nate Jones.

Residents of Indigo Run do not want an electric go-kart track built nearby.

“I mean there’s some concerns. And rightfully so. You’re talking about their high value property,” said Indigo Run General Manager Cary Kalley.

The residents of Indigo Run took ZipLine Hilton Head to court.

“Anything that they feel might have a negative impact is going to cause some emotion,” said Kalley.

A local judge ruled in ZipLine Hilton Head’s favor. Indigo Run still has concerns.

”The noise primarily because go-karts can get very noisy,” said Kalley.

Jones says it’s not an issue.

“They are really no different from golf carts. That exist in every country club,“ said Jones.

The track and the neighborhood are separated by a tree line, a road, and another wooded area. Plus, the track is set among the pre-existing attractions.

While some families will be up above in the trees enjoying the zip line, other families will be down below zipping through trees on the go-karts.

That designated area is part of why Hilton Head Zip Line is able to start building

“You know the ability to move forward and what we’ve already invested in the project is a little bit of a relief,“ said Jones.

Indigo Run is set to discuss the judge’s decision Thursday.

“And then they are going to make a decision on how we are going to proceed,“ said Kalley.

The community discussed the issue privately with Hilton Head Zip Line. But did not get the results they wanted.

“It was a good meeting they answered some questions. A lot of people were not happy,“ said Kalley.

The outdoor adventure company says they are still going to move forward.

”I mean we’ll do, we’ll make every effort to bring go-karts to Hilton Island,” said Jones.

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