Follow the smoke to Munchie’s BBQ

Follow the smoke to Munchie’s BBQ

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -It’s hard not to stop at the billowing black smoke rising from 37th and Montgomery and pick up a Bar-B-Q Box.

“It was just an empty lot,” recounts John “Munchie” Maxwell. “It was an empty lot and I passed by and I was kind of praying for a different location. I had a different thought and a different idea. It blossomed. I prayed over it. When you pray over something it always comes to you. You only have to ask one time. And when I rolled by one day, something just hit me in my heart and I turned around. And it was a blessing because the lady that owned the property was already here and when I gave her my idea, she said, ‘You do it and I’ll take care of you.’The plan was already in there with a prayer.”

The restaurant prepares everything in house, from collard greens to mac and cheese to pulled pork.

“We already have crab rice prepared. What I like to do before we make a plate is to stir it up, you see the smoke straight off the grill. No conventional ovens in here. Everything is old school and country. Then we marinate our crab meat. I like to do that in the crockpot. That’s one secret. I don’t give out a lot of secrets, but I’ll give you that one,” says Munchie.

“The best thing is, we do NOT use artificial crab meat,” he says. “This is a crab and shrimp rice. Off the top. And you can see our potato salad is homemade as well. With the eggs and pickles. I love the pickle and relish. I’ve got to have both pickles and eggs in my potato salad.”

“And something I never get tired of eating after being here 5 years is my ribs,” says Munchie. “I love the middle. A lot of people love it pink. I hate it pink. I love it with a grey color with a little silver in the middle.”

“I remember when we started off the first year… we started to blossom and we continue to blossom. People always say, I cannot come to your city without visiting three places and one of them is Munchies BBQ."

“Like my Uncle said, ‘Keep it balanced’. You don’t want to work too hard, just do it right the first time. If you spread it out, you might miss something. Trying to unbalance yourself out.”

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