Church pays off lunch debt at Hinesville elementary school

Church pays off lunch debt at Hinesville elementary school

HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - It was clean plates and cleared debt at a Hinesville elementary school Tuesday.

New Day Community Church paid off all outstanding lunch accounts at Lyman Hall Elementary. Pastor Richard D. Hayes said the church saw the need for assistance and knew they could help meet it.

He says Tuesday’s action reaches so much farther than across the lunch line.

“It’s an excellent opportunity to do some outreach and reach some families and put a smile on their face. If you’ve ever seen a child that’s been hungry, and actually after he eats that good meal or has a chance to get a hold of one of those McDonald’s Happy Meals - the excitement and joy on their face, it’s just priceless,” said Hayes.

“Naturally when children are able to come and fulfill all their nutrition needs, academics actually is impacted as well," said McRae Mangum, principal. "And so we are fortunate for this partnership.”

Their action helped their students get off of alternative meals. Hayes says they were able to help 49 families.

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