Cookout held in Hinesville to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Cookout held in Hinesville to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a tradition celebrated across the country. Locally some residents wanted to start a new tradition of their own.

“Last year, after the MLK Parade, it was like okay... now what,” said Candice Bell.

Candice Bell lives in Hinesville. She says after the city’s Martin Luther King Jr. parade nothing else happens to celebrate his legacy. But this year, she wanted to change that.

“MLK was a big let me have my family around, my community so that’s kinda what I wanted today. Community coming together to start a new tradition.”

Monday evening, Bell and her husband hosted a Martin Luther King Jr. Day Cookout and Business Expo Fun Day at Irene B. Thomas Park. Bell says she’s been preparing for this since last November.

“Basically, it’s to give the business people you wouldn’t think ‘oh they have their own business’ a little spotlight but we decided to do a cookout and have the kids out.”

Local business’ like Gigi’s Sweet Traditions.

“I’ve always loved baking and when deciding to finally to go forward with it, I decided to name my business Gigi’s Sweet Tradition basically of my daughter, her name is Genisis Gilzine and her nickname is Gigi,” said Sarita Gilzine.

Gilzien makes desserts and other treats and is thankful for the opportunity.

“I’m grateful to be here today, to actually be doing something really good with my life because it’s not really easy where I come from.”

Bell and her husband say they plan on this event becoming a tradition they do every Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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