SSU professor works current events into classroom learning

SSU discussing impeachment in classrooms

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As President Trump’s impeachment trial unfolds, some are using it as a teachable moment.

Professors at Savannah State University say they teach about impeachment, but as current events intersect with their text, they are using it in the classroom.

It’s not everyday that you study something in class as it unfolds on a national stage. But for Dr. Bruce Mallard’s legislative process class it is. As they study congress - they’re watching the impeachment trial unfold before them.

Rather than shy away from the topic, Dr. Mallard is using it to teach his students. Several admit they get their news from social media. With that in mind, Dr. Mallard wants his students to know how to look at the situation objectively.

“It gives them an opportunity to talk about it in maybe a less biased way to say well what’s exactly going on here you know because I hear this and I hear this and you’d rather they would talk about that then just pick a side,” said Mallard.

Students say Dr. Mallard’s discussions in class not only helps to bring the text alive, but also helps them to dig a little deeper outside of class.

“I’ve learned a lot about congress you know, the house of representatives, the senate you know what goes into impeachment what goes into if we do remove him from office and I just feel like with all the things that’s going on right now, it really helps put together the classroom environment for me,” said SSU senior Timecia Holmes.

“It makes me want to chase the knowledge more because it makes me want to actually understand what I’m learning about on a personal level beyond just the classroom,” said SSU junior Angelina Vance.

Mallard admits teaching through the current political climate can be a challenge, but it’s one he feels is worthwhile as he’s noticed his students become more engaged.

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