Community helps remodel bathroom for Brunswick couple

Community helps remodel bathroom for Brunswick couple

BRUNSWICK, Ga. (WTOC) - In December, WTOC brought you the story of a Brunswick couple in need of a bathroom remodel and how the community came together to make sure the couple didn’t have to pay anything.

After two and a half weeks, the bathroom renovation is finally complete. It was made possible by a Wayne County contractor’s big heart and the community’s generosity.

Marsha and Fred Seppala are both fighting their own battles. Fred has Alzheimer’s disease, and Marsha has breast cancer. Daily tasks aren’t too easy for the two.

Donovan Lucero was hired to turn the couple’s bathroom into a handicap bathroom for Fred; an almost $10,000 project. Thanks to a community fundraiser, created by Lucero, the couple isn’t paying a dime for the bathroom.

“Lot of people had connections with their own family dealing with cancer and Alzheimer’s, and this was an opportunity for them to kind of give back to somebody,” Lucero said.

The new bathroom includes a handicapped sink and shower, new lighting and flooring. Marsha, who also takes care of her husband, says the bathroom is a blessing.

“I could never afford that bathroom. Whenever I called Donovan over, I was just looking for an estimate just to get a walk-in shower. He has totally redone my whole bathroom, so wow,” Marsha said.

Lucero was also able to give Marsha a $3,000 check leftover from the community’s donations.

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