Fitzgerald begins construction on large chicken structure creating international attention

Fitzgerald chicken structure creating international buzz.
Fitzgerald chicken structure creating international buzz.(source: walb)
Updated: Jan. 21, 2020 at 9:41 PM EST
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FITZGERALD, Ga. (WALB) -What’s expected to be the world’s largest topiary chicken is starting to take form.

Fitzgerald has finally broken ground on a 62-foot tall statue that expectant to break records since in October.

At the time, only parts of the foundation had been laid.

“What looks like a high dive has been built here and the beginning of the frame of our 62-foot topiary chicken. And most of that is all steel, American steel. A lot of people have asked me, ‘What if we have a hurricane?’ Our chicken is not going anywhere," said Mayor Jim Puckett.

The soon-to-be 62-foot tall farm animal is creating some buzz across the nation and globe.

The chicken is doing exactly as city leaders wanted it to do, draw attention and tourism to Fitzgerald.

Mayor Jim Puckett explains details about the structure under construction.
Mayor Jim Puckett explains details about the structure under construction.(source: walb)

″And I think the last time you did your story the AP picked it up and so the next day we’re in the Los Angeles Times. We’re in newspapers coast to coast and so, that started and then I get a call from The Wall Street Journal. He wanted to come down. He said, ‘Mayor, we want to do a front-page story’,” Puckett said.

He said media as far away as China reached out to him.

So what are these publications saying to Mayor Puckett?

“Are you crazy? Where did this idea come from? Was this your idea? Is it really gonna have a B&B that we can stay in? The answers to that is yes,” said Mayor Puckett.

Mayor Puckett said he’s already had people interested and willing to pay for a night’s stay in the chicken once it’s complete.

Mayor Puckett hopes to have the chicken complete before the Wild Chicken Festival in March.

You can watch the construction of the chicken live here.

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