Mama dog found on side of road pulling crate filled with her puppies

According to animal services, this is the crate and belt found on a mama dog walking along a...
According to animal services, this is the crate and belt found on a mama dog walking along a dirt road in Townsend.(McIntosh County Animal Services)
Published: Jan. 27, 2020 at 9:59 AM EST
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McINTOSH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A mother dog was found on the side of a dirt road, pulling a crate filled with her puppies.

"This was a new one. New things happen all the time. I've never had a dog pulling a crate full of puppies down the road before,” McIntosh County Animal Services Director Marianna Hagan said.

The mom was tied to a small crate with a blue belt. Her four puppies were crammed inside.

"There was barely any room for them to turn around,” Hagan said.

She said a father and son found them in Townsend and brought them into the shelter.

"They were covered with fleas, with ticks and feces. They smelled really, really bad,” Hagan said.

Animal services volunteers bathed, fed and treated each of the dogs, who are now on the road to recovery.

"There's been a dramatic difference in their health and in their behavior,” Hagan said.

The director would like to see consequences for what the dogs were put through, saying that person could face several charges.

The organization, Friends of McIntosh County Animals Services, was offering a $250 reward for anyone who has information. They have since upped that reward to $1,325.

There is some good news! The mama dog and her four pups are heading to a rescue in Virginia this weekend. The rescue is called Fancy Cats and Dogs Rescue.

Before they are ready for adoption, they still need a lot of medical procedures, and the rescue is asking for donations via PayPal at The organization asks that you put what the donation is for so it will go specifically to this mama dog and puppies.

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