Hardeeville rescue gives update on 25 dogs saved from hoarding situation

Hardeeville rescue gives update on 25 dogs saved from hoarding situation

HARDEEVILLE, S.C. (WTOC) - A hoarding situation outside of Columbia brought 25 dogs to a shelter in Hardeeville. They are all out of danger, but that doesn’t mean they’re all out of trouble.

The Loveable Paws rescue group in Jasper County was the only group that traveled to Columbia to take the dogs two weeks ago. The Hilton Head Humane Association picked up 13 dogs - including a litter of puppies.

Friday, Lovable Paws Rescue says every puppy from that litter has found its new home. The rest, while safe, are still working towards being ready for a home. None of the dogs were vaccinated, spayed or neutered, or had any proper veterinary care.

Getting these things done has been even more difficult since they are adults. The rescue group also says since the animals came from such a traumatic situation, getting them to socialize has been hard.

A lot of the dogs are still working on how reserved and shy they are, even when you open their cage and give them a fresh treat. They won’t come out of their cage. That is why they’re asking people to come down and help socialize the animals.

The owner of the rescue group says as they prepare the dogs for adoption, medical issues continue to be their biggest barrier.

“With the adults we already have one or two that are ready to find their new home," said Steve Allen, Owner of Lovable Paws. "Every week we are going to have one or two or three more to be able to be fixed and handled a little bit more and just comfortable with other people around.”

Lovable Paws is asking volunteers to come down as soon as next weekend if they want to help socialize the rescues. Other donations are also always needed as they care for the large influx.

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