Mom says 9-year-old suspended for hair color

(WISN/CNN) - A mother in Wisconsin says her 9-year-old daughter was suspended from school because of her hair color.

According to a school handbook, the hair color was a dress code violation.

Jalissa Taylor, the student's mother, said the school did not give her daughter a fair warning.

"She came to me crying. She came to me crying because this is a hairstyle she picked," Taylor said.

Taylor said school officials at Hope Christian School in Racine gave her 9-year-old daughter an in-school suspension because of her blue braids.

She said this isn't the first time her daughter has worn colors in her hair to school, but she said it's the first time one of her kids has been punished for it.

In the discipline note sent home Tuesday, it stated that the hair color was a uniform violation and that girls can only wear solid blue, black, grey or white headbands.

“If she returned with the same hairdo, she’s gonna be suspended. I changed her hair twice,” Taylor said. “Still no call, let me know something. I don’t want my baby to be missing out because of hair color.”

The school said it discussed its dress code policy with Taylor and all concerns have been addressed.

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