Royal Live Oaks Academy holds ribbon cutting

Royal Live Oaks Academy holds ribbon cutting

HARDEEVILLE, S.C. (WTOC) -After years of learning in trailers and community buildings - one Hardeeville school finally has a building to call their own.

Royal Live Oaks Academy opened its brand new building Friday.

After eight years, Royal Live Oaks Academy cut the ribbon and unveiled its $18-million school to the city of Hardeeville.

“Today is the culmination of the dream to provide a state of the art facility where children would be able to access learning at a much higher level,” said Karen Wicks, Executive Director, Royal Live Oaks Academy.

The Charter school is separate from the rest of the Jasper County School System. Their students can come from outside the traditional district, and the school is funded by the state rather than local money.

The school can hold about 650 students, about 50-54 per grade, ages 5-18, all learning under the same roof.

While high school students are prepping for the SAT’s, middle school students are getting ready for dual enrollment classes, and elementary school students are sitting down to enjoy lunch.

The school has been around for years.

“We started eight years ago in modular buildings.”

Some students have been enrolled here since the beginning. But Friday was the first day they were able to walk into their very own classroom.

“It’s different because growing up without a real school it’s bigger and I get lost a lot,” said Hailey Goddard, 12th grade.

Some students say it seemed like the building would never actually come.

“Now that we are actually moved into the school like wow y’all did it like, I wasn’t expecting it,” said Aylin Herrera, 12th grade.

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