Students make wave of information for Gray’s Reef Expo

Gray’s Reef teams up with Savannah Tech & Re:Purpose Savannah to tackle massive project

Students make wave of information for Gray’s Reef Expo

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - On Memorial Day River Street in Savannah will be taken over by the Gray’s Reef Expo in celebration of their National Marine Sanctuary and NOAA’s 50th Anniversary.

Although that’s still months away, one of the biggest pieces of that Expo is already under construction.

However making this dream a reality wasn’t easy.

That is, until Gray’s Reef approached the Savannah Technical College Foundation and they were then directed to Savannah Tech instructor Bryan Mossing.

“We kind of said, ‘Hey yeah, we love a challenge,’” said Mossing.

The challenge was to create a larger than life, ocean evoking structure (curved like waves) that could withstand the elements to sit outside for the upcoming Gray’s Reef Expo on River Street in Savannah.

If you’re wondering exactly how big?

“These (wood panels) are 8ft tall, 4ft along that curve. Thirty panels. It’s going to be 120 feet length,” said Mossing.

Although Mossing is more than up for the challenge, he’s quick to point out he’s not the one leading the charge.

“It was really a student lead effort the whole time.”

From drafting up the original design and prototype, to putting the pieces together they did it all.

But of course, with a project of this size eventually you’re going to outgrow the classroom.

When they did, luckily help wasn’t far away.

“Re:Purpose Savannah was nice enough to say, ‘We’ve got warehouse space so ya’ll can come finish building it over here,” Mossing said.

That’s where the work really began under the guidance of Re:Purpose Savannah Executive Director Mae Bowley.

“Gluing, clamping, lining up, snapping the chalk line, running the staples through, and then making sure everything is nice and tidy,” said Bowley

Students from both Savannah Tech and SCAD getting their hands dirty and potentially learning a few things along the way.

“It’s a really great introduction to basic tool use,” said Bowley

Despite its size, learning on a project they’re more than capable of handling.

“Volunteers don’t need any experience. It’s a pretty, it’s a kit almost. Like the pieces and parts, they’re very happy to go together,” Bowley added.

So too it seems were Gray’s Reef, Savannah Tech, and Re:Purpose Savannah.

Fitting together to happily.

Creating a project that they hope will catch your eye.

Gray's Expo Project
Gray's Expo Project (Source: Savannah Tech)

After completing the structure itself it will then be covered in images and graphics by a local company before making its grand debut on River Street this Memorial Day for the Gray’s Reef Expo.

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