James Jones joins race for Chatham County Commission Chairman

James Jones joins race for Chatham County Commission Chairman

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - In the race for a seat that’s up for grabs this fall another candidate says he’s ready to become Chatham County Commission Chairman.

Jay Jones announced his candidacy Friday at Buccaneers in front of family, friends and supporters. Jones says he has liked being a county commissioner, but he’s ready for more.

James Jones has been representing Chatham County’s 6th district as a county commissioner and was elected vice chair last year.

Friday he set a direct focus on his platform and calls them the ABC’s. First, he wants A1 services, the best they can offer in the county. Second, business sense for all and additionally, community renewed through inclusion.

James Jones says he wants to serve all of Chatham County and feels he’s best suited to do that.

“What makes me the best man for the job is I’ve taken time to detail,” said James Jones, Candidate for Chatham County Chairman. “When we have the opportunity to get trained and learn on this job and I’ve taken all those opportunities. I became a certified county commissioner after my first year. I continued to get my education, I make sure I play on the state level and the federal level and I make sure I do everything possible to get Chatham County on the map.”

Jones, alongside his family, said he’s worked his whole life for this moment and asked people to stay tuned for what he has in store. He said he will hit the ground running to campaign beginning Monday.

Others have already joined the race for Chatham County Commission Chairman include former Tybee Island Mayor Jason Buelterman, Billy Hair who has served as the Chatham County Commission Chairman in previous years, and current 8th District Chatham County Commissioner Chester Ellis.

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