Local group collects litter data to encourage sustainable practices

Local group collects litter data to encourage sustainable practices
Savannah Trash Warriors prepare to clean up the city! (Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -A group of Savannahians held their first litter pick-up of the new year and collected bags of plastic, glass and other trash on Habersham Street.

“It started off just me and her going to each other’s neighborhoods picking up trash, then we started posting the events to Facebook, just seeing if anyone would want to come out and join us and it’s kinda grown from there,” said Jenna Bower.

Bower and Stacy Fuller are the co-founders of the Savannah Trash Warriors. They formed the group in 2018 to bring awareness to how littering affects waste production and the environment.

“It feels really good to be apart of a moment that’s trying to make each corner of their earth a better place to live," said Bower. Fuller added, saying " 'Cause it’s just one step at a time right? So if we’re impacting our environment and helping this little part of our environment then it’s just gonna reciprocate.”

Sunday was the group’s first litter pick-up of 2020. This year they’re using an app called Litteratti to collect data on the trash they pick up. All you have to do is take a photo of a piece of trash and describe what it’s made of.

After the trash is collected, the city’s sanitation department takes it and disposes of it. Volunteers say they’re proud to be a part of the group.

“It’s a really rewarding way to start your morning on a weekend and feel like you’re doing something good," said Bethany Rock, a volunteer with Savannah Trash Warriors. "Then you know I came here out of state and it was just a great way to network with people that are passionate about something that you care about as well.”

Bower and Fuller plan on expanding the group to cover larger areas around Savannah.

“We all need to care about our community as a whole no matter what neighborhood we live in and I think because we come together from different neighborhoods- working on one neighborhood at a time, it’s really impactful.”

The Savannah Trash Warriors say they’ll be sending the data on the types of trash they collect to the city and local businesses to encourage more sustainable policies throughout Savannah. Click here for more information.

The group is also working with AdoptaDrain to help protect the city’s drains from debris.

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