South Carolina legislative members meet with local business owners

South Carolina legislative members meet with local business owners

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - Business leaders and politicians came together to lay out a plan about what issues they will take to the South Carolina state house.

Topics like internet for rural communities, infrastructure for military bases and even medical marijuana.

The annual luncheon brings politicians and business owners together and we found out what the Lowcountry's elected officials are focusing on for this year's legislative session.

"Your prospects for success and attaining the American Dream should not depend on what zip code you’re in,” Congressman Joe Cunningham said.

Rep. Cunningham stopped by Beaufort on Monday to discuss his goals for 2020 with local business owners.

"As a member of the Rural Broadband Taskforce, I recognize that access to high speed internet for rural communities is one of the biggest infrastructure challenges in South Carolina,” Cunningham said.

Rural broadband access and climate resilient infrastructure for military bases like Paris Island were the representatives’ main focuses for improvement this year.

State senators also took the stage discussing everything from off-shore drilling to pre-K education, and even medical marijuana access.

"We are a very tightly regulated environment supervised by SLED. It is the most conservative medical cannabis bill in the country."

The group came together as part of the chamber’s Legislative Luncheon.

"The policy decisions that are made in Columbia and Washington DC impact everyone in the Lowcountry. It's so important we offer feedback and a chance for dialogue,” Chamber Director Blakely Williams said.

The lunch allows local business owners to network with elected officials and hear their opinions of issues that impact residents and find out what they care about.

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