Renovations continue at Tom Triplett Park

Renovations continue at Tom Triplett Park

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - A popular Chatham County park has been getting some exciting upgrades over the past couple months.

Although the work isn’t done yet, representatives from the Parks and Rec Department say it will be worth the wait.

“It’s kind of like Christmas you know, it can’t come fast enough," Chatham County Parks & Rec Director Steve Proper said.

As they say beauty takes time.

Despite getting the go ahead for $2.3 million worth of upgrades back in 2018, construction on the park itself didn’t begin until May of 2019.

As for why there’s been such a long wait, “the design phase was pretty long because we’ve made a lot of adjustments to make sure it fit our budget,” Proper said.

While construction on things like the new boat ramp for canoes and kayaks, their multipurpose field and new bathrooms are pretty evident Proper say not all their work is.

“We’re doing some of those things that people might not be able to see but they’re essential to the project.”

Things like getting the electricity and plumbing up and running.

While projects like the multipurpose field are fun and flashy, many people are excited for something else, the new bathrooms.

These two new bathrooms allow visitors to explore the park without needing to trek back to the pavilion anytime they need to use the restroom.

No matter what you’re looking forward to you’ll still have to wait a bit longer as they’re aiming for it being completed sometime in April (2020).

There’s more excitement ahead however for Tom Triplett Park as Chatham County Parks and Rec is currently working on securing a grant to add an amphitheater to the park as well.

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