Historic fort still recovering after Hurricanes Irma, Matthew

Historic fort still recovering after Hurricanes Irma, Matthew

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -We’re fortunate in our area to have a few great forts to visit, including Pulaski, McAllister, and Jackson.

At least one is still feeling the effects of a couple of hurricanes, specifically the fort south of Savannah, also known “The Guardian of the Ogeechee”.

Fort Pulaski gets a lot of attention in the Coastal Empire area when it comes to historic fortifications, but McAllister played a significant role in the Civil War and military history. Union troops used their new Ironclads aimed towards land, and once the Guardian of the Ogeechee fell on December 13th, 1864, Savannah was left wide open to Sherman’s March to the Sea.

“Sherman’s forces were able to march into Savannah just about without a shot being fired,” said park manager Jason Carter.

While McAllister is a great site for history, Carter says even more people come for the nature and long walks.

“Just the serenity," Carter said. "You’re able to find nature in a serene habitat this close to Savannah. Pretty interesting, pretty unique.”

There are two trails: The Magnolia Trail and Redbird Creek Trail. Hurricanes Irma and Matthew did a little damage to the park, but both are still in use. The problem is some of the support to a bridge on Red Bird Creek was washed out and parts of the trail are inaccessible. The challenge is now a matter of raising money to repair the bridge.

“We just need funding and we haven’t been able to put that together as of yet,” Carter said. “We don’t get nearly the fanfare that Fort Pulaski does, but people that do come out here and visit Fort Pulaski, they tend to enjoy us just as much if not more.”

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