Deadline to register to vote in South Carolina primary is Jan. 30

Deadline approaching to register to vote in South Carolina primary

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - The South Carolina primary is coming up. Democrats in the state choose their presidential nominee on February 29.

It is fourth in the nation, and first in the south.

Thursday is the deadline to register. South Carolina’s GOP will not be hosting a primary this year - they are supporting President Trump as their candidate - making the Democratic primary the only one in the state.

Once you register for the primary, you are registered to vote for good, unless you change address or are considered “inactive.” You don’t have to be a registered Democrat to vote in next months primary. South Carolina has an “open primary,” so anyone can vote in any party’s election.

Registering to vote in the primary is as easy as coming to the voter registration office, asking for a voter registration application, and giving the workers an ID with proof of South Carolina residency. Or if you don’t have time, you can do it online.

The Beaufort County Voter Registration Board says registering and participating in the primary is an important right.

“It’s always important for us to have a voice in our government," said Marie Smalls, Beaufort Voter Registration Director. "And when you register to vote you are taking an active part where you can participate and choose the people that represent you.”

If you want to register Thursday, you have to have your application returned to the voter registration office by 11:59 pm that evening.

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