“Pooler Promenade” developers taking City of Pooler to court

City of Pooler, Pooler Mayor and City Council all named in lawsuit filed by Dawgs & Dingoes LLC

“Pooler Promenade” developers taking City of Pooler to court

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - In December 2019, WTOC reported about a contentious development project along U.S. 80 in Pooler.

At that time, Pooler City Council voted to deny the approval of the site plan. But now the owner of the property is fighting back and appealing to the Superior Court of Chatham County.

For many at that City Council meeting, they thought that may be the last they heard of “Pooler Promenade”, a proposed project made up of three-story buildings that would be home to restaurants, businesses and residential housing.

At the time, the developer “Dawgs & Dingoes LLC” was surprised and frustrated by the decision.

Now, they’re taking civil action against the City of Pooler by filing an appeal.

According to court documents, developers claim to have met with the city on multiple occasions since 2018 to discuss details of the site design and seek the city’s input.

Aaccording to the complaint, city officials and staff repeatedly told developers that the proposed concept was, “what we want.”

Of course, not everyone in Pooler was on board. Including those who live in the surrounding property.

The complaint states this is a concern the city was aware of, even calling a meeting with Dawgs & Dingoes in April of 2019 suggesting they change their site plan and hold off on submitting the full development until after elections in November 2019.

Adding that they would see to it the remaining portion of the site plan would be approved.

However, that didn’t happen.

Now the developer claims council was brief and vague about why it was denied, listing public safety and adverse effects to the neighborhood. Concerns they say were not listed in the city code, city’s site plan application or anywhere else.

Dawgs & Dingoes is now asking the City of Pooler to reverse their denial or appear in court and show cause to why they did not approve the site plan.

WTOC did reach out to Mayor Rebecca Benton for comment on the suit but she did not return our calls.

You can read the full appeal below:

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