Teacher shortage in Liberty Co. has substitute teachers teaching long-term

Teacher shortage in Liberty Co. has substitute teachers teaching long-term

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Georgia schools are more than halfway through the school year, and some districts are still looking for teachers. In Liberty County, the shortage means classes are being taught by long-term substitution teachers.

There are more than 10 teacher vacancies listed on Liberty County’s school district website.

This is less than in years past, and while it doesn’t sound like a high number, the superintendent says the shortage of teachers remains a problem.

“We see the impact in science and in English,” said teacher Sarah Hein.

Ms. Sarah Hein has worked for Liberty County schools for 20 years and heads the high school’s social studies department. While her department isn’t going through a shortage, other departments are.

“We see the fact that sometimes we have to have long-term subs and I know that does impact students,” said Hein.

Superintendent Franklin Perry says the district hires retired teachers to help fill vacancies. While this is a short-term solution, one teacher says students need consistency.

“It’s just like your home life," said teacher Sheryl Avery. "If you don’t have that consistency then there will be problems.”

Sheryl Avery, along with other teachers, believes the district is doing what it can to solve the shortage issue, such as how they recruit prospective teachers, letting them know about the positive work environment.

“It’s our group of kids. I enjoy the community and I enjoy the kids that here,” said Avery.

Superintendent Perry says, while Liberty County is going through this issue, other districts are too. Meaning the conversation needs to be continued to make sure every Georgia student gets the education they deserve.

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