Beaufort Co. parents can now send in applications for school choice

Beaufort Co. parents can now send in applications for school choice

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - ​Parents in Beaufort county have some options about what school their children attend. Applications are open from Feb. 1 through Feb. 29.

Beaufort County will be accepting school choice applications. That means parents have the opportunity to submit their children for a school they are not districted for.

The program allows parents to come and tour schools all over Beaufort County and find the program that fits their child’s needs perfectly. Here at Beaufort Elementary they have Ames, Montessori, and traditional learning. All so parents can make sure that their child’s education is tailored to what they need.

Over a dozen schools are available for the choice learning program, but nine schools in Beaufort County are not due to overcrowding. You can still send in applications and if spots open up, there will be a lottery. Schools all over Beaufort County have different programs that allow students to learn based on their interests or skills.

“So a child that’s more independent, perhaps they like to work on their own or have differentiated needs, would be really successful in that environment,” said Beaufort Elementary School principal Melissa Holland.

The principal believes that tailor-made education can have a long-term impact on families.

“The real benefits for parents is that we want children to be successful in school. So whatever we can do to match our curriculum and programs to best meet a child’s needs, that’s how we’re going to get that positive outcome,” said Holland.

For parents that don’t have access to the internet, they can get application assistance at any district school.

And the principal at Beaufort elementary told me that this program is really underutilized, and parents should take this month as a chance to make sure their child is in the right education for them.

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