Massie Heritage Center honors Savannah civil rights icon with new exhibit

Massie Heritage Center honors Savannah civil rights icon with new exhibit
A photo of Westley Wallace Law. (Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -The Massie Heritage Center plans to honor a Savannah civil rights icon with a new exhibit in celebration of Black History Month.

Westley Wallace Law was a postman from Savannah who became an icon of civil rights as a historian, teacher, and preservationist.

The center will honor Law with a community collaborative exhibit with the City of Savannah Municipal Archives, called “Go Down to Savannah: W.W. Law’s Negro Heritage Trail”.

“Here to right of me, we’re going to have all information about the 32 sites that were entailed in his negro heritage trail and then we’re also going to have information in our cases here about how he put the trail together," says Steven Smith, the curator of the Massie Heritage Center. "His methodology, so to speak.”

The exhibit will feature the civil rights leader’s vinyl music collection, pictures, and other documents, along with a tour Law designed himself.

Smith says Law made his tour in the late 70s and wanted people to understand Savannah’s history from a black perspective.

“Mr. Law was adamant that all of these sites were going to be interpreted exclusively from a black perspective," Smith said. "And that’s what people are gonna get out of this…they’re really going to see just what a rich African American history we have here in Savannah.”

The exhibit is open starting on Monday, February 10th through Tuesday, March 31st.

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