Bloomberg campaign office opens in Savannah

Bloomberg campaign office opens in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The results from the Iowa caucus may not be final, but one democratic candidate is already looking ahead to Super Tuesday, and the Georgia primary just a few weeks later.

People showed up in Savannah for the opening of Mike Bloomberg's campaign headquarters in the Hostess City.

“I’ve been to at least 10 different places with Bloomberg, deep South, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, we’ve been up into bitter cold in Minnesota, Ohio,” said Columbia, South Carolina Mayor Steve Benjamin. Traveled out West. What I see from people is a great desire from Democrats, Republicans and Independents to have someone restore integrity and pure confidence without scandal.

Mayor Benjamin is the National Co-Chair of Bloomberg 2020. He joined a group of Bloomberg supporters on Wednesday as part of an end gun violence bus tour campaign throughout Georgia. One of those supporters on that tour has a personal connection to this platform and told us why this is her number one priority at the polls

“I’ve said it and I’ve said it before. I’ve listened to the other candidates,” said Dalandrian Simpson Kemp, a Bloomberg supporter. "As an African mom, no one is really addressing us. No one is addressing the gun issue either. Gun violence is at the very top of my concern because when I left my son’s grave I said mama would do something about this.

There is no word yet on when Bloomberg will make an appearance in Savannah.

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