Liberty Co. K-9 Unit plans to build obstacle course

Liberty Co. K-9 Unit plans to build obstacle course

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is looking to take its K-9 Unit to the next level, and they’re hoping the community can help.

Sgt. Corey Nadeau said they are in the process of building an obstacle course next to the county jail. The sheriff’s office’s seven dogs will be able to use the course to better themselves when out in the streets.

According to Sgt. Nadeau, the course will include walls, fences and simulated windows -- obstacles the dogs and trainers run into while out on deployment.

He added that each K-9 handler is deployed at least 10 times during their shift.

In order to raise money for the obstacle course, the sheriff’s office is kicking off their fundraising efforts by selling yellow wristbands that say: "PROTECTED BY LIBERTY COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE K-9.”

Sgt. Nadeau said more than 100 wristbands have already been sold. He hopes other community members see the importance of an obstacle course, as the dogs work daily to protect the community.

“We want to ensure that the community and the taxpayers receive the best product,” said Sgt. Nadeau.

The K-9 Unit hopes to have the obstacle course built by September.

“At the end of the year we want to do a big competition, where we get all the dogs to compete,” said Sgt. Nadeau. "Let’s see if we can do a Liberty County Top Dog competition.”

The wristbands are being sold for $5 and can be picked up at:

  • Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, 201 S. Main Street #1300, Hinesville
  • Liberty County Detective’s Office, 175 Paul Sikes Drive, Hinesville
  • Liberty County Jail, 180 Paul Sikes Drive, Hinesville

The K-9 Unit plans to do more fundraisers in the future. Stay up to date on their Facebook page.

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