Beaufort Co. emergency responders prepare for severe weather

Beaufort Co. emergency responders prepare for severe weather

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - Hilton Head Emergency Services knows that people that live on the island probably know how to deal with severe weather. But they want to make sure people are still taking it seriously.

Hilton Head Emergency Services made sure emergency plans were up-to-date on Thursday.

“We also do exercises throughout the year to make sure the plan works and that were capable of implementing the plan,” said Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Dunn.

EMS takes severe weather seriously. They want to make sure the islanders are as well.

“Stay prepared, stay vigilant, and pay attention to those watches and warning when they do come out.”

They say attention is key.

“Number one is pay attention. We very easily could see a tornado watch.”

They worry people no longer see severe weather as a threat.

“People do become complacent because they see a watch and they say ‘well nothing happened so I don’t really need to pay attention to these things,’ which is the exact wrong reaction.”

But emergency responders are urging people to take caution this evening.

“Stay home in that time frame," said Deputy Chief Joheida Fister. "It’s best to be somewhere that is safe that they are out of the weather.”

Wind and trees could cause dangerous road conditions this evening, which is why they want people to stay prepared.

“If you are out and about you need to make sure you can get to some place that you can get inside,” said Fister.

They say if there is an issue, they are there for the people of Hilton Head Island.

“We will take care of every call that comes through,” said Fister.

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