Chatham County students participate in statewide tornado drill

Chatham County students participate in statewide tornado drill

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

Many schools, including Chatham Academy, participated in a state-wide tornado drill.

The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency held a statewide PrepareAthon! tornado drill Wednesday morning. This event coincides with Severe Weather Preparedness Week to encourage all Georgians to prepare now for any type of severe weather.

Georgia Severe Weather Awareness Week: Tornado Safety

GEMA says when the drill starts, treat it like there is a real storm. Use the stairs to get to the lowest level of your building, crouch as low as possible and cover your head with your hands until the drill is over.

"I get First Alert on my phone from WTOC. I also get an email, and once I have been notified, I contact the principal, the director, and then the faculty and staff. I send them emails about the information I received and then we put in a plan in place that we practice at least once a month,” Catherine Vaughn, the Chatham Academy safety coordinator, said.

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