Community Champions: Justin Jarrett

WTOC Community Champions: Justin Jarrett

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - It’s a day when the sun came up, so it’s a day when Justin Jarrett is working on youth sports in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

"I do believe it's an important part of our community and an important part of raising total-package, well-rounded kids into well-rounded adults,” Jarrett said.

The latest of Jarrett’s never-ending projects is a new high school basketball all-star weekend that he is helping sponsor through his website to promote area athletes and benefit the 10 Boys and Girls Clubs of the Lowcountry.

“The plan is we'll make this a huge community event that nobody wants to miss, and we'll raise a lot of money for the Boys and Girls Club,” Jarrett said.

"We put 100 percent of that funding back into our clubs and programming. So, in Northern Beaufort County alone, we would use it to cover our children's costs to attend, so they get to come to the clubs for free. Or we will put it into the programming that we have, such as the arts program, the STEM programs,” said James Dismond, with the Boys and Girls Club of the Lowcountry.

Jarrett will be working the tournament and covering the games for his website. But it will also be the latest extension of the hobby, passion, and responsibility that youth sports have become for this WTOC Hometown Hero.

"I’m very involved in coaching sports. I see it as a way to build community and really celebrate what it means to live here in the Lowcountry and celebrate our student-athletes ... I’m also the volunteer president of Bluffton Youth Sports, which oversees the baseball and softball leagues in Bluffton. And I’m the co-founder of the Lowcountry Wrestling Club, which now has chapters at May River High School and Battery Creek and we’re hoping to expand to all high schools eventually,” Jarrett said.

Jarrett’s sons are in the wrestling club. But he is not just a dad coaching his kids.

"I mean, I am a dad coaching my kids. But it really is about more than that. Sports is such an important thing in a kid's upbringing and forming them into a total person. So, I feel it's very important that we have those opportunities in our community and that we celebrate our kids when they succeed and our teams. It's a point of community pride, it's something we can all rally around. Even if we don't agree about everything, we can all rally around and support the local teams,” Jarrett said.

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