Good News: McIntosh County Black History Month Event

Good News: McIntosh County Black History Month Event

DARIEN, Ga. (WTOC) - Technique will be central to the art show in Darien this weekend.

"This idea,’’ says artist Annie Greene, “came from a magazine where you could create two-dimensional works of art by gluing the yarn to watercolor paper with Elmer's glue.’’

But the stories told with yarn will be the real focus of the McIntosh County Black History Month celebration featuring Greene’s work.

"It was a way of life and we didn't think anything about it, because it was segregation in the South,’’ says Greene. “If we traveled, the small-town bus stations, we went in the side door. Colored was in one place, whites were in another.

“And there would be a square area in the wall for all the blacks to line up to get something to eat, and we could look in and see all the whites sitting down at nice tables with a lot of waitresses.’’

Ms. Greene will meet students at McIntosh County Academy on Friday before the two-day Black History event at the McIntosh County Art Association.

The 88-year old artist has been creating in a form she calls yarn painting since she discovered the style in 1972 and sharing her style for almost as long.

"After I retired from public school teaching in Troupe County,’’ she says, “I went up and down the state of Georgia and Eastern Alabama teaching yarn art as an artist in residency.’’

The pieces in this weekend's exhibit are from her life story, told in her book "What Color is Water? Growing Up Black in a Segregated South.

There is a free public opening reception Friday evening and the event will be all day Saturday.

"We need our children to really learn about the past, and not only about the part, but learn about this artwork that she is doing, said event chair, Ethel Wilson. “The people are excited in McIntosh County to be able to come and talk to Ms. Greene and see this work. We are blessed that she’s here.’’

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