Palmetto Pre-K rolls out, helps S.C. parents find pre-kindergarten programs

Palmetto Pre-K rolls out, helps S.C. parents find pre-kindergarten programs

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - ​South Carolina rolled out a new program Wednesday. Palmetto Pre-K will help parents find pre-kindergarten programs for their students. Those programs may be subsidized depending on the need.

“Oh, adding more of these programs I believe will be awesome for the children,” said 4K teacher Nyisha Mitchell.

“It helps those parents who need tuition assistance Find a place that fits for them,“ said Children’s Center Executive Director Jody Levitt.

The program allows the state to find private preschool institutions and subsidize a pre-k education for the children of parents who qualify.

“It’s a perfect public private partnership,” said Levitt.

Right now The Children’s Center is the only program participant in the county.

The state is trying to expand the program using their website as a jumping off point.

The teachers say when students are able to enroll in these 4K programs, it gives them an advantage for their entire education.

Influencing a child’s emotional intelligence is important, according to the 4K lead teacher at the center.

“Whether it be social – emotionally, which is a big part of this age group, just being able to control their emotions, be able to explains how they are feeling at the time. That is a big part of the 4K program,” said Mitchell.

The center says this website is a step in improving every child’s education in Beaufort County and South Carolina.

“And the bottom line is to get these kids in pre-K, so they are ready to go to school. They are ready to start kindergarten,” said Levitt.

“We are just big on meeting the children where they are and setting those goals, and helping them to reach them,” said Mitchell.

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