Thunderbolt marina prepares for potential severe weather

Thunderbolt marina prepares for potential severe weather

THUNDERBOLT, Ga. (WTOC) - Local marinas, like Morningstar Marina, spent their morning bringing in boats and also strapping down loose equipment along the docks.

With any potential of severe weather, it’s essential for the marina to take proactive measures, to keep damage at a minimum. Operations Manager for Morning Star Marina, Ross Willis, says they take weather very seriously. They have a multi-step plan to get everything where it needs to go.

He recommends people bring boats in if their bilge isn’t working, which is what collects any excess water on a boat and pumps it out.

“Smaller boats are basically what we’re worried about right now. Most of these big boys should be just fine out there. Customers who may have had their 20 to 25 footers out in the water are probably going to want to bring those in especially if their bilge maybe isn’t working too great."

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