Lyons City Council votes on new dog park

Lyons City Council votes on new dog park

LYONS, Ga. (WTOC) - A new amenity will be coming to Partin Park that your dogs are sure to enjoy!

With a unanimous vote, Lyons City Council is moving forward with transitioning an area into a dog park.

The dog park is another amenity city officials say will help with the quality of life for people in the area.

It'll fill the whole area next to the skateboard park and will have obstacle courses and a watering hole for the dogs. This idea is that this severs two purposes, socialization for the dogs and a chance for people to get educated on animal upkeep.

“Spay and neutering programs, rabies vaccine programs, so this area over here is perfect as a central point to bring education, push the education, into the community,” Lyons Police Department Animal Control Officer Skatin Phillips said.

Mayor Willis NeSmith says they're hoping to get funding from community donations as to avoid using tax dollars on it.

“We've already had about two private people say they want to come forward and help with it. We just have to sit down with them and see how much money they're wanting to put into it,” NeSmith said.

Once funding is solidified, NeSmith expects the dog park to done come summertime.

Donations and contributions will be accepted. If you’re interested, you can bring them to city hall.

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