Lyons Police Department offers ‘Are You Okay’ check-in program

Lyons Police Department offers ‘Are You Okay’ check-in program

LYONS, Ga. (WTOC) - The Lyons Police Department is bringing back the “Are You Okay” program to help give people a peace of mind when it comes to their safety.

"We have a lot of elderly people in the community, handicap people that live alone that we need to check on from time-to-time to make sure they're okay,” Lyons Police Department Chief Wesley Walker.

The program is designed so that people can sign up and get calls from the department making sure nothing is wrong.

"It may be one day a week, or it may be five days a week,” Chief Walker said.

You will only receive a call during the days and times you sign up for.

If you're interested in being a subscriber, all you must do is walk into the Lyons Police Department and pick up a form. It'll ask you to fill out your name, your address, the days you'd like to be called and emergency contact information.

Walker says his officers often do have concerns for some people when they're out on patrol.

"Recently, we had an elderly person that stumbled and fell and couldn't get up,” he said.

The Vidalia Police Department also has this program and has 42 subscribers right now. Vidalia PD says it has shown up to houses on the list and found people who have fallen or who have passed away.

"They feel a comfort knowing that somebody is going to call them every morning or every evening and check on them,” Walker said.

Walker says right now they only have three subscribers, but they’re hoping this number will continue to rise. If you’re not able to go and get the form, you can call the department at (912) 526-3638.

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