Savannah Tour of Churches set for Saturday

Savannah Tour of Churches returns this Saturday

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - We may be at the start of a new tradition in our area. The Savannah Tour of Churches worked out so well last year, it’s back for another run.

Savannah’s Skyline is filled with spires reaching towards the sky with a wide variety of architectural styles. The outside of the churches are part of the tourist routes, and each church has a story to tell.

The public can hear those tales this weekend during the Tour of Churches.

“There are a lot of other tours where you can walk and see the outside of the church, but these, you actually can come inside but not only that, we have experts inside the architecture and the religious history of the building,” said Candace Brodmann, Director of Marketing at Veritas Academy.

“Savannah is unlike any other town in the world,” said Christopher E. Hendricks, History Professor at Georgia Southern University. “It’s because of its history, its tradition, the different ethnic groups, the different religious groups that bring in their own traditions and represent that different architectural tradition in their houses of worship.”

Five downtown churches are part of this year’s tour, including Independent Presbyterian Church, which has the city’s tallest steeple. First Baptist Church is Savannah’s oldest standing church, dating back to 1800.

Saint John’s Episcopal Church is where Sherman’s March to the Sea ended as the Union General worshiped there.

Wesley Monumental honors the man who founded Methodism in the new world, with its roots in Savannah, while the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist was completed in 1876 and is known as “The Sistine of the South.”

All are part of a tour that is an example of how Savannah’s faithful seem to work with each other.

“One of the things that I really like about this tour, it reflects the relationship between the downtown houses of worship. This is a long history, in fact, we have what is possibly the oldest interfaith worship service that took place here in 1806 with the Jewish congregation and different Christian groups gathering together, and this is kind of a reflection of that, a continuation of a very long and important tradition in Savannah,” Hendricks said.

The tour is Saturday and begins at 1 p.m. It is split up into six groups as part of a walking tour. The tour runs until around 4 p.m. It’s $45 and proceeds go to fund scholarships at Veritas Academy.

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