Jasper County residents prepare for possibly weeks of river flooding

Jasper County residents prepare for possibly weeks of river flooding

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Flooding is possible in Jasper County for the next three weeks.

The director for Jasper County Emergency Services, Frank Edwards, says people need to be prepared to be in their homes for several days.

“Just kind of sort of being prepared like you would for a hurricane or storm event, just have food, water, and medicine ready to go.”

The county knows Tom Goethe Road floods annually. They still want residents to be prepared for any water that comes through.

“What we have been advised is it will be a longer duration event, especially as the upstate continues to get rain that will impact the river,” Jasper Fire Deputy Director Russell Wells said.

Heavy rain in the north could bring more water to the Lowcountry. The impact could reach homes as far above the river as Sandhill Road.

“18 feet. We would see an inundation just above the edge on Sandhill Road, when we start getting above that, usually about 18 and half we start topping the road, and when we get above that, usually about 19 feet is when we see water across the roadway,” Wells said.

The county has to be prepared for emergencies, according to Frank Edwards.

“If the road is flooded and we have to get an apparatus in there... we’re going to have to use boats.”

If they need to perform an emergency rescue, the fire department will borrow boats from surrounding organizations. They hope it wont come to that.

“Just be aware of the weather... what weather is coming. Be aware of your surroundings. if you are driving and the road is covered in water don’t try to go through it. You know, they say 'turn around, don’t drown,” Edwards said.

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