Savannah youth organization holds prayer honoring victims of local tragedies

Savannah youth organization holds prayer honoring victims of local tragedies

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -A youth organization in Savannah is in mourning on Sunday night after losing three family members of the Royal Lions in the last 24 hours.

The Savannah Royal Lions Youth Organization describes themselves as an outlet for children to come and learn life skills. They held each other a little closer as they gathered to remember those they lost. They opened the evening with a prayer.

“We have some people that’s part of our family, the Royal Lion family, that’s really hurting right now dear God,” said Todd Rhodes. Rhodes is the president of the Savannah Royal Lions.

“I just saw them," he said. "I just talked to them. To get the phone call and to hear the news that they’re gone, they’re no longer here with us it definitely gives you a reality check of life.”

17-year-old Alexis Devoe was killed Saturday night in a shooting that happened in the area of West 60th Street and Montgomery Street.

“She was like a big sister, but more like a mom too," said Rhodes. "She was there for her brothers.” Devoe’s brothers were part of the youth organization.

Additionally, the family members of another Royal Lion died after they were pulled from a car, submerged in a pond near Lake Mayer. Friends say the victim carried a strong passion to fulfill her kid’s dreams.

“She was very supportive, very caring and very loving," said Rhodes. "She doesn’t care what she had going on or how busy she was. She was going to make sure that she was going to be there to support her son.”

These two tragedies serve as a reminder to love one another and forgive one another.

“Everything hit us real hard back-to-back, so it was like man, with all of that going on, we have to pray, talk to God and draw closer to him,” said Otis Grant III, the vice president of the Savannah Royal Lions.

The organization is asking for anyone willing to help these families in a time of loss to reach out to them via email at

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