Hilton Head Island neighborhood votes against deer culling

Hilton Head Island neighborhood votes against deer culling

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - A backlash over deer culling prompted one neighborhood to call off its plans.

Residents of the Hilton Head community say that part of what they love so much about living here is that deer will actually come out of the woods and into their yards to look at and enjoy throughout the day. And they are hoping that after a deer culling was postponed that will still happen.

Just a few weeks ago WTOC told you about a community planning on calling over two dozen deer from their community.

The board for Palmetto Dunes decided to postpone that decision. One board member says after receiving backlash from residents and neighbors, they are switching methods of deer management.

“Step one is we’re not gonna do a cull this season," said board member Mike Vaccaro. "We are going to institute a management program and education program and then things will be reevaluated in the fall.”

Doreen DeSa says one gated community in Palmetto Dunes already performed a cull.

“Leamington is a community in Palmetto Dunes, and they culled 15 deer. We are not seeing any deer since that happened.”

Which leaves Doreen wondering how few they would see if even more had been culled.

“I question whether there even needs to be a cull if Leamington already culled 15 deer.”

She hopes to see more research done into the deer population.

“The herd is healthy, they did say they don’t know how many deer we have.“

And more transparency from the board. And DeSa also said that from what she understands from the board meeting, since they won’t be doing it in February, they will have to wait until at least September if they do decide to move forward with a cull.

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