Former Chatham Co. athletes hold discussion about gun violence

Former Chatham Co. athletes hold discussion about gun violence

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Violence this past weekend has left many looking for answers trying to figure out how they can bring an end to the violence. A group of former Chatham County student athletes held a discussion about gun violence at St. Paul’s Social Hall in Savannah Tuesday night.

One of the organizers says he knew one of the victims of the deadly shooting from this weekend. With Tuesday night’s meeting, he hoped to reach out to young people in the community to figure out how to stop the violence.

“We’ve lost so many to gun violence, so many young people and we’re just tired of it," said Kevin Evans.

Evans and friends came together to plan a gun violence discussion after losing one of their own this past weekend. He says he wanted to speak to the younger generation about gun violence.

“We’ve all seen so many loved ones go away whether you’re the victim or you’re the one that did the shooting, we’re all hurt by it. So we just all are wanting to be here and see what we can do to play our part in the change of the city.”

Event organizers did not allow cameras inside of the meeting because they say they wanted visitors to feel comfortable when speaking.

Several people gave testimonies about their experiences with gun violence and many city officials including Mayor Van Johnson and Savannah Police Chief Roy Minter joined in the discussion.

Chief Minter says young people between the ages of 16 to 24 were the largest group of shooting victims in the city last year. He also says the department is planning to start a mentoring program but needs the community’s help.

Evans says he was overwhelmed by the amount of support this discussion received because it shows people really do want to make a change.

“It just shows that everybody wants change in the city. It just shows that the younger people and the older people all want to see the same change. They all want to come together and make something happen.”

Evans also says he plans on having more discussions like this in the future. He hopes more young people will get involved the next time they meet.

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